Application Re-engineering

Many organizations have unique needs which can’t be met using packaged software or regular approaches. To achieve their own competitive advantage, these companies require tailor-made software solutions to their specific needs and that interoperate seamlessly with their current systems.

Application Reengineering involves decision making with regards to the following crucial factors:

  • The maintenance costs associated with application
  • Changing business needs
  • Ease of use/User Friendliness
  • Application Re-engineering Cost

Techridge specializes in offering affordable solutions that help you achieve your business and IT objectives at minimum cost. Our team can handle the application re-engineering projects involving language and source code up gradations, user interface conversion, database changes from one platform to another, technology up gradations involving migration from client-server architecture to J2EE platform.

Our services include:

  • Re-engineering a specific system (a collection of applications) to enable it to better accommodate business needs or better inter-operate with other business critical systems or data.
  • Re-engineering an application to adapt or enhance it.
  • Re-engineering the software development or maintenance process to achieve process improvement.