Application Maintenance and support

Existing legacy systems house a wealth of business knowledge & data of the organization. Many of the best practices and processes of the organization are embedded in these systems. Techridge’s application maintenance & support services enable clients to maximize the value derived from their existing applications.

Outsourcing application maintenance & support to a competent partner like Techridge, enables clients to re-allocate valuable in-house resources to more strategic IT initiatives. Techridge’s Global Delivery Model (onsite – near shore – offshore) also helps clients leverage time zone differences to benefit from 24-hour workdays. This ensures that our client’s mission critical applications get the 24×7 attention that they require to function effectively. This reduces the total cost of application ownership for our clients.

Our comprehensive application maintenance & support services span the following:

  • Corrective Maintenance: Bug fixes and Beeper support
  • Adaptive Maintenance: Changes to support changing business or technical environments, and new requirements
  • Enhancement: Adding functionality such as a new module or new reports
  • Perfective Maintenance: Restructuring, revitalizing, and rewriting code for future ease of maintenance and increasing maintainability through rationalization of data and performance tuning
  • Production Support: Providing support to the applications in production environment